Dr Ghada Angawi had taught me many techniques to help me achieve my goals efficiently. It is amazing to see how simple exercises can affect your life greatly. I personally think she is very professional and efficient. I am able to apply her techniques in many aspects in my life .
Jameela BaroodyJewellery makingQatar 2016
Ghada’s insights and thought-provoking Coaching proved to assist in thinking at a higher level. She helped shed light on some areas of my work/personal life that I may not have otherwise realized on my own. For that I am grateful.
Aya FisherDubai 2014Global Marketing Head for a Brand Experiences company
It was a good experience to be coached by someone in a different sector as this provided an excellent different perspective. Ghada was an excellent coach with great listening skills. During our coaching she used observations and research to elicit “aha’ moments.
Sharon PostTeam LeaderSydney 2015
Personally these sessions gave me good opportunities to reflect on my goals in relation to building confidence in a few key areas.   It was wonderful to have a sounding board as I experimented!
Jan Anderson-MuirAcademia, Executive, Government, HR, Recruitment & TrainingMelbourne, Austalia 2015
Ghada is really coaching with compassion and she brought me a lot of value in my life present and future. it was also a great intercultural coaching experience which is always interesting for an expat like me.  
Frederic VereeckeBusiness Start Up Expert and CoachChina 2016
Ghada brings wisdom, warmth and a generous spirit to her work as a coach. She believes passionately in an individual’s ability to continually grow to reach their greater potential, and she establishes a strong connection with her clients  to help facilitate this journey. It was a great pleasure having Ghada as my coach, I found her to be inspiring and encouraging. Our sessions made a significant impact on my gaining insights about myself on how to effectively work through the issues at hand.
Kelli ElmerCoach, Trainer and Business DeveloperUK 2014
At the beginning I wasn’t convinced by the solutions based on training & development. The very quick positive results with the talented coach Dr. Angawi really changed this idea completely.
Mohammad MahdiArchitectEgypt 2014
I made the most amazing connection today with Ghada! Ladies, what are YOU waiting for???? Isn’t it time for a breakthrough? THANK YOU Ghada for the opportunity to be vulnerable, not judged & most importantly the recipient of your insight & coaching! You were patient, engaged, supportive & openly honest as we spoke of my goals & the challenges I’ve identified. You provided me with clear & simple action steps to breaking through some of my barriers heart emoticon Time to focus on the joy!  
Heather Breault PercyEwomen Network Member and Essential Oils Expert, 2016